Venezuela | Joe Biden reaffirms US support for opposition leader Juan Guide

Venezuela |  Joe Biden reaffirms US support for opposition leader Juan Guide

(Caracas) US President Joe Biden reaffirmed in a letter Monday, Venezuela’s National Day, that his country’s support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido, who recognizes him as interim president.

“More than ever, we are committed to supporting the struggle for freedom for all Venezuelans through peaceful and democratic change,” the U.S. president wrote in a letter to “Mr. President.”

The United States, like fifty other countries in the international community, did not recognize the election of President Nicolas Maduro on the 2018 ballot, which was boycotted by the opposition. They are Mr. They recognize Qaida as interim president and impose sanctions on Venezuela in an attempt to oust Maduro.

“On this day (national holiday) we are highlighting the tremendous work we have done […] In search of a change […] Under your leadership, ”Mr. through the U.S. Representative Office for Venezuela in Colombia. The letter to Guide continues, the authenticity of which was confirmed to the AFP by a diplomatic source.

The letter comes as the United States and Europe show their readiness in a joint statement on June 25 to “reconsider” sanctions if there are any improvements to credible elections. Negotiations have been going on for weeks between Mr. Maduro’s power, the international community and the opposition.

Negotiations have been going on in recent days within the divided opposition over whether to participate in the regional elections in November after boycotting the 2018 presidential election and the 2020 assembly election.

Mr. Washington and Caracas severed diplomatic ties in 2019 after the White House recognized Qaida as interim president. The U.S. embassy in Caracas was closed in support of a representative office in Bogot.

Biden, the Democrat leader who was very hostile to Maduro after President Donald Trump, defended President Maduro in his speeches. But on Friday, he accused the CIA and the U.S. military of plotting his assassination and wondered if Biden had authorized him.

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