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The U.S. Newsweek website published an article on July 2 entitled “Giant Pandas and Infrastructure Law.” The author is the former U.S. Representative Speaker Mr. Kingrich.There is a stark difference between China’s progress and America’s stroke. This is a serious issue.

Kingrich believes that it is a desirable thought for anyone who believes that the United States can compete with China without major domestic reforms. The full text is taken as follows:

Former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Kingrich.

U.S. While observing the fragrant, long, innovative and deceptive performances of infrastructure law, I continue to focus on the astonishing sustainable progress the Chinese Communist Party has made in its continued development.

When we discussed, we blamed the president, and when he campaigned, they were involved in the construction. The sharp distinction between China’s progress and the United States’ stroke is widening. This is a serious issue.

As a person who loves nature and has always loved giant pandas, I was amazed to see that China’s largest and most modern Chengdu Tianfu International Airport has officially opened as we argue about infrastructure construction. Chengdu is the center of all activity related to giant pandas in China. People around the world who love nature know Chengdu.

China’s domestic airlines are growing steadily. I have taken a few flights to China.The airport in China is always clean, the flight attendants are always very professional, every new terminal is getting more modern.

At this new airport in Chengdu, the Chinese used facial recognition systems, self-service check-in devices (so you can board the plane directly), smart security screening systems, self-service gates and test airport robots.

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The Chinese Transport Communist Party is very interested in expanding the domestic transport infrastructure. The CCP said that a high speed train should also be built.

Today, China’s high-speed rail has a running mileage of 37,900 kilometers and a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour. American politicians, interest groups, campaigners, trade unions and bureaucrats need to realize that national goals must be integrated – for the continued existence of our country – they must all take the China high-speed train once and then return to the country (US) National Rail Passengers Association’s “Ajera”. Take the fast train. The latter has a top speed of 150 mph (approximately 240 km / h). Then, they compare the comfort, cleanliness, convenience, and service of the Sino-American rail system.

A fuxing high-speed rail train passes through the Zhuyongguan subway of the Beijing-Zhangjiago high-speed train.

A fuxing high-speed rail train passes through the Zhuyongguan subway of the Beijing-Zhangjiago high-speed train.

China’s grand plan is not yet shrinking. China’s current plan is to increase the number of public transport airports to about 400 by 2035.

Now, no one should explain this that I support the Chinese system or some kind of pro-Chinese campaign. This is my warning: America must compete or it will fail.

How many airports do you think can be created by 2035, without the discrimination of political, financial and current system? How fast is the train? It is the preferred thought of anyone who thinks we can compete with China without major domestic reforms.

Of course, when you unknowingly fall into the past, like my granddaughter, you can always have a panda silk toy.

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