Azmongolt played “FFXIV” and was planned to be a bastard by Blizzard staff, party retreated: I do not care | 4 gamers

Azmongolt played "FFXIV" and was planned to be a bastard by Blizzard staff, party retreated: I do not care |  4 gamers

Asmongold, the ever-popular live broadcaster for “Iron Iron Fan”, began playing “Final Fantasy XIV” the previous day (3rd) and caught the attention of the outside world. Many. Azmongold’s behavior also drew dissatisfaction from suspected blizzard employees. He called him a bastard on Twitter, and the two exchanged fire on the Internet, causing concern.

As a loyal “World of Warcraft” player, Asmongold has talked about other sports in the past when he opened the podium. As the biggest adversary of “World of Warcraft”, “Final Fantasy XIV” is a material that is often frequently separated. Azmongold’s Asmongold will suddenly and suddenly go out in the middle of last month and say he’s going to play “Final Fantasy XIV”.

At the time, the official responded specifically to Asmongold’s Twitter, saying that Asmongold was welcome to join Iosia.

Not everyone is welcome to join Asmongold. A Netizen who claims to be a player in “Final Fantasy XIV” has tweeted that Azmonkolt is not welcome in Aosia.

So, when one of the Blizzard staff responded to Netizen’s tweet on Twitter, he criticized Asmongold’s behavior as a bastard, and the players re-posted the blizzard’s own forum and Reddit, which caused a lot of controversy.

Azmongold, who was at the center of the topic, also responded to the incident, saying he was not worried and did not need to trust others to persecute them to protect his dignity.

After all, for the current Asmongold, it is better to be a player in the game than to focus on all sorts of opinions on the outside. Judging from several tweets from Asmongold, the current “Final Fantasy XIV” really smells.

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