After 152 years, Supermoon, Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse appear together on Wednesday

After 152 years, Supermoon, Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse appear together on Wednesday

The Taliban plans to outline the country’s peace plan with the Afghan government next month. On Monday, party spokesman Jabiullah Mujahid confirmed the matter. Reuters, a UK-based news agency, reported the news on Tuesday.

Thousands of Afghan troops have already fled the country in fear of the Taliban. Neighboring Tajikistan said Monday that 1,038 Afghan troops had crossed the border in a single day. However, Jabiullah Mujahid said the definition would be drawn even if the Taliban captured most of the country after the withdrawal of foreign troops.

From the beginning, the Taliban denied any meeting with the Afghan government, calling it a puppet of the United States. However, after a long stalemate, Tatiban leaders met with representatives of the Afghan government in the Qatari capital, Doha, last week.

Peace talks in the coming days that will accelerate the japihulla Taliban spokesman Mujahid told Reuters on Monday. It is expected to enter a critical phase. It may take about a month to reach the final stage.

Jabiullah Mujahid said his team was faithful to the conversation despite being present on the battlefield. As US and NATO forces begin to withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban is gaining strength in the country, according to international media. The party has already taken over Kandahar, the country’s main business hub. One-third of the 421 districts are now under their control. The team is taking control of one area after another. Fearing the Taliban, members of the military in many places are leaving the field without protest. Not only that, but many are leaving the region, even the country.

The massive withdrawal of troops demonstrates the weakness of the Afghan forces. These troops were stationed mainly in the northern part of the country. Recently, the Taliban have increased its influence in the region with control of various districts in the region. According to the French media AFP, members of government forces stationed at various bases and outposts have surrendered to the Taliban in several places without spending a single shot. In such a situation, the Afghan Taliban announced a version of a peace plan.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera says the Taliban now control one-third of Afghanistan’s 421 districts. The Taliban has been able to strengthen its position across the country since US President Joe Biden announced a timetable for US troops to leave Afghanistan. Sources: Reuters, Al Jazeera.

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