The first line of psychological assistance was developed for the families of cancer patients

The first line of psychological assistance was developed for the families of cancer patients

Both cancer patients and their relatives need psychological support

At the end of June, the first free tax on psychological assistance to cancer patients and their relatives within the framework of the #WAREFISH All Ukrainian Call Center began in Ukraine. The founder and author of this project is the #WARNING Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of life of cancer-stricken Ukrainians.

To get free professional consultation with an oncologist, a cancer patient or person close to him can call:

  • 5522 – Lifetime and for Vodafone Ukraine subscribers. All calls are free.
  • +38 (093) 170 72 19 – For Givestar subscribers. Cost of calls according to your mobile operator’s charges.

The free psychology helpline is open on weekdays from 11:00 to 19:00.

“There are more than 1,300,000 cancer patients in Ukraine. Every day, 450 Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer. Anxiety, fear, apathy, depression – a complete list of emotional states that come with a person and his or her family at different stages of the fight against cancer. Such a moral burden does not contribute to rapid recovery It worsens the general condition. It is very rare for a person to cope on their own. Both cancer patients and their relatives and friends need psychological support. “ – Organizers Report.

58 volunteers-oncologists work in this line. Since the 11 days of this line, they have received 145 appeals.

«Appeals from patients are very different. This is the primary diagnosis. Most often – financial problems: I have nothing to treat, I do not know how to continue treatment. There may be problems of a different nature – that is, contact with relatives, with loved ones. Oncology is not a problem of one person, it is a problem of the whole family. In fact, there are often problems with communication. It may be the choice for treatment and communication with physicians. If a person is diagnosed with cancer, he or she cannot leave the problem alone. She needs to know, understand, and remember that she is not alone. That she could definitely get help. She can get it from us. “, – says Nadia Klochnik, head of the Free Line of Psychological Assistance.

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