6 am News – USA: Cyber ​​attack closes 800 stores in Sweden

6 am News - USA: Cyber ​​attack closes 800 stores in Sweden

A massive cyber attack in the United States closed 800 stores in Sweden. Hackers attack Kasaya, An American company, but with customers around the world. This had far-reaching consequences, especially if a Swedish supermarket chain had to close and many businesses could be affected.

In fact, by touching Casey, which sells ready-made solutions, the hackers reached its 40 customers, but these provide services to other companies, In total, more than 1,000 companies have been polluted It is beyond US borders. In Sweden, a supermarket chain had to close more than 800 stores because its renewal was paralyzed.

It is reminiscent of the movement of a butterfly’s wings, causing a real storm. Therefore, for experts, Friday’s attack is one of the most comprehensive in cybercrime history. It will take investigators months to find the hackers, not to mention that companies that want to recover their data may be willing to pay the ransom.

These attacks, which are a real nightmare for companies, have escalated in recent months, and it is easy to understand why cybercrime has become a priority for Biden management. Hackers are often hosted in countries that refuse to cooperate, except they have the power Disable entire production chains and touch the heart of the Western economy. Joe Biden warned Moscow today that Washington would retaliate if Russia was involved.

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Fire – Fear in the city of Ad this Saturday with the first major fire of the summer in the south of France. 500 firefighters fought throughout the day Against the flames between Cruzen and Norfone-Blaze.

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Politics – This Sunday R.N. The conference continues, a week after the regions were defeated and it was time to mobilize troops. Without surprise Marine Le Pen will be re-elected party leader today, He is the only candidate for his own successor.

Tour de France – This Sunday is another great mountain stage. 145 km between Classes and Dignes With the first arrival above. Listed are five passes, one of which is Type: Call to Bra.

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