Big business in preparation for the surface of the draft

Anthony Edwards a fait passer un message à ses détracteurs et à LaMelo Ball après son career high NBA

When the draft takes place at the end of the month, we expect some action among the worst teams in the league, as they do every year. Even at the height of the event, some owners may try to continue the attack. Movements in view.

As the schedule for this year is even more confusing, the NBA draft will take place later than usual. This season, they will have to wait until July 29 to find tomorrow’s opportunities and their new home in the NBA. Pistons are already rubbing their hands with their first choice, especially since their choice is almost known.

A player like Anthony Edwards and Zion Williamson stands out for this event during these last two campaigns. For this edition, Kate Cunningham should get first place, a promising point guard, though Gillian Hayes should be wary.

For the rest, there are still some doubts. If the Rockets do not decide to go for Jolen Green or Jalan Sucks, Evan Mobley should be in second place. Not possible, but possible. In the third case, nothing is fixed, because it is precisely the Cavaliers that are of interest to us.

With their third choice, Cleveland could try to use the public interest to expedite its reconstruction. Inside the franchise, Chris Fedor confirms it: Negotiations are underway to exchange this third choice. So far from the draft, this is a question above all else Due diligence, But don’t be surprised to see a big trade on July 29th.

For now, everything is not yet clear. Cleveland may choose a new baby, but this right has been declining relatively recently. Colin Sexton struggles to persuade, even Darius Carland. Isaac Okoro has the energy, but none of these players can really take the Ohio team one step further.

Is Jalan Green the Savior? Scotty Barnes wants a lot at the height of the draft, which is enough to encourage some teams to take action. Cleveland will try to use the interest to get a good offer, but if not, a situation is often unreliable.

This third draft exam will be the focus of debate in the coming weeks as the Cavaliers are yet to be determined. There is no doubt that the last place on stage will be enough to pick a promising young man.

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