The need for emergency assistance packages is greater than calculated

Behoefte aan noodhulppakketten groter dan uitgerekend

The need for emergency assistance packages is greater than calculated

Although there are 1000 registered persons per resort in Paramaribo, they may still be eligible for emergency assistance package from the government, with significant numbers of unregistered people enrolling in the emergency package in some provinces. Co-ordinator Bureau Division Shahul Van Drew agrees that the demand is higher than estimated, but that he can only help a limited number of people. “We all want to help, but we have to stick to the number of people who have registered,” says Van Thru.

The Unity Bureau, along with members of the National Army, district and district councilors, administrative services and other support services, distributes a total of 13,000 emergency aid packages from the government in Paramaribo. The Ministries of Social Affairs and Housing, Regional Development and Sports and Defense, along with various supervising directors, provide full support for the project. Various ministers and district commissioners from Coroni, Nickeri and Paramaribo have also offered their support in recent weeks and days. “So far we are satisfied with the way things are going. Occasionally a few small mistakes, but these are immediately caught in the field and fixed. Only in the area of ​​good expectation did we have a challenge because people do not ask for instructions on how to stay home as much as possible. They came, but it was not allowed. The army responded better to prevent disasters, “said Van Thru.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the field of signing up for various services and then providing people. “Me No Ben Saabi Tak ‘Collection An Kim ‘Wan is a libi in a contre con tranca, ”one man told an RR member in the Livorno district on Friday. He registered on the spot and was later allowed to receive a package. Another local with an ID card runs to a member of Bureau Einheid with a request to receive a package. He was given 25 kg of rice and a bag of food. He thanked the workers.

On Friday, July 2, 2021, various government services involved in the ‘distribution of emergency aid packages’ visited the resort of Livorno. Meanwhile, emergency aid packages have been distributed in five districts of Paramaribo. In addition to Velcollagen, Rainbow, Centrum and Latur (good anticipation) and Livorno districts were also visited. The districts of Beijing, Flavkrant, Flora, Munder, Pontbuden, Tamenga and Weknor ji will be followed next week.

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