Researchers say the ‘dragon man’ may be a new human species

Researchers say the 'dragon man' may be a new human species

PALEONTOLOGY – Not all paleontologists agree on the location of the human family tree that should be occupied, the skull discovered 90 years ago

In Biologists The Chinese claimed to have discovered a new human race, called Homo langi or “Dragon Man” in French. These individuals lived during the Central Pleistocene geological period, 146,000 years ago, when Kiang Ji and his group formed a Study Released June 25 Novelty. According to the authors, Homo langi is closer to humans than Neanderthals.

However, this theory is not shared by the entire community. Scientist. Some experts have estimated that the skull that the Chinese relied on for their study did not necessarily have to have the place that researchers have stated in the hereditary tree of humanity. They also questioned whether Homo langi was a new breed.

“A wonderful skull”

The magazine explains that these opponents are still placing more emphasis on the skull, which has been studied by biologists. Science. They actually consider the remains to be the remains of the Denisovan man, whose existence scientists discovered only through DNA analysis. “This is an amazing skull,” commented paleontrologist Jean-Jacques Hublin, who (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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