“Dragon Man” will be our closest relative

L'évolution de l'Homme implique bien plus qu'une seule lignée, la récente définition de l'espèce Homo longi en est la preuve. © adrenalinapura, Fotolia

Fossil skull of Dragon Man Joined a new raceHomo Disrupts the phylogeny of the human race and shakes the status of the Neanderthals as a close relative of modern humans.

It has been preserved for 90 years in the Geo Science Museum in Heo University, Hebei, China. it is a Skull Archeology Discovered in Harbin, Northeast China in the 1930s. This human skull is called a new species of hominin Researchers of three articles published in Novelty Scientific name Too much More generally Dragon Man.

According to Qiang Ji, professor of paleontology at Hebei University Geo, The Harbin’s fossil reveals exceptional protection It is one of the most complete fossil human skulls ever found. In it, this fossil contains valuable morphological details that contribute to understanding the evolution of the species. Homo As well as appearance H. Sabians.

A new race: Too much

Harbin’s skull might actually be one Brain Its size is comparable to that of the modern human brain. On the other hand, it presents Eye sockets Large, almost square, dense eyebrows and very large teeth. It shares characters derived from ancestors and the human race, but together does not allow researchers to attribute them to previously defined organisms, which is why they define new species. H..

This skull would have been for a man in his fifties who lived in a small community, a forest and flood environment. Based on this data and the estimated large quantity H., The research team advises that members of this species should be adapted to harsh environments, which allowed them to disperse throughout Asia. According to primatologist and paleontrologist Jijun Ni, H. In some ways, there was a similar lifestyle H. Sabians Because he hunted mammals and birds and collected fruits and vegetables.

Our closest relative?

Geochemical analyzes determined that the skull Dragon Man Dates that were at least 146,000 years ago are a favorable period for this Human migration. The authors of the study therefore point out that it is possible H. And H. Sabians Met in this era. To date, paleontologists’ estimates indicate that By Neanderthal Our closest relative in the human line. However, new reconstructions of human phylogeny indicate it H. Neanderthalensis And H. Sabians Would have been different a million years ago, Or 400,000 years earlier than established in the literature. Location of a close relative H. Sabians That being said By Neanderthal So let’s come back H..

Examination of the skull Dragon Man Promises to reconsider evolutionary relationships between species and human populations. However, many questions remain unanswered H., Involved in it Period The existence of this species and possible interactions with it H. Sabians, Which may have affected our history.

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