David Harper (“Black Widow”): “I was not hired for my physical qualities or my accent”

David Harper ("Black Widow"): "I was not hired for my physical qualities or my accent"

DASVIDANIA – Sheriff Hopper’s translator in the “Stranger Things” series slips maliciously in a slightly tighter suit than the Red Guardian, and the Soviet response to Captain America falls into oblivion. The LCI tried to get rid of the worms from her before the next Marvel release on July 7th.

He has the first quality of any good spy. Securing information at all costs. “I know how to speak and speak in interviews without revealing anything. But I feel less like a spy than a politician when I talk like that.”, He promises. His wrong pattern of not folding? “Smile and shake your head, lots”.

I have to say that David Harper went to a good school. The 46-year-old American actor is currently finishing filming on the much-anticipated Season 4 Stranger things, Which obviously we don’t know much about. Now he is a member of the highly secretive other world of pop culture. MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of the ten years of films dedicated to the Avengers, I think it’s the most funny that Alexi is not mentioned by Captain America or any of them.– David Harper

In Black widow, A film dedicated to the superheroine starring Scarlett Johansson, revives a character David Harper has never mentioned on screen before. Alexei, says the Red Guardian “A little mentally ill and living in his own reality”. A super soldier with inhuman strength, he was responded to by Captain America by the Soviet Union. Unlike Steve Rogers, his career quickly failed. A former spy who secretly lived in the United States with his family spies – his wife Melina (Rachel Weiss) and their fake daughters Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) and Yelena (Florence Buck), are now spending their days in the Siberian cold. To modify his imaginary rivalry with the American enemy.

Adopted daughter Natasha Romanoff can’t help him when he embarks on a journey to rid the executioner Draco with them, but Cape Town can’t ask her what he thinks of her.“He clearly lives in the shadow of Captain America, but in ten years of Avengers movies, I think it’s very funny that Alexi is not mentioned by Captain America or any of them. So he’s not. Not really in their view, contrary to what he thought. Did he really meet Captain America or did he dream? I do not even know. “, Says David Harper with a laugh.

The Red Guardian is a blend between the reassuring but somewhat awkward father figure and King Juster, who doesn’t know when to stop. Evidence from the family reunion scene released in the trailer shows that he is proud to show that his red leather suit still fits him despite the extra pounds. A dress that has kept Melina warm for 21 years. “There is a moment in the bathroom, he feels the pressure to put it, but know that Melina holds it. He wants to live according to his old image. It is very beautiful. Alexei is a proud and proud idiot but he is a very handsome man. He loves Russia very much. , He loves being the Red Guardian and these little girls.Above all, he loves himself so much (He laughs). I have a real weakness for him ”, David Harper agrees.

So, the temptation to ask him if Russia has a soft spot for him is too big. He laughs more before he can see the fun “Very special relationship” He maintains it with the imaginary country. Mentioned as “Americansky” in the dying moments of Season 3 Stranger thingS. “The Duffer Brothers finished filming this season in March 2019 (Netflix series creators, editor’s note) Told us Next season I will be in a Russian prison. A month later I was having lunch in London with director Kate Shortland: she said: ‘Well, that character is called Alexei, and he starts the story in a Russian prison.’. I told myself: ‘Are you laughing at me?’, He recalled. “Twitter was a lot of fun, but apparently Russian prisons and I’m like that”, He laughs, crossing the fingers of his right hand.

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David Harper became the Red Guardian so far to learn about the Soviet martial art of sambo. When recalled in that process “Most of what you see in the movie was done by the most fantastic stuntman”. “It was so exciting to learn these new fields, but I don’t think I was hired for my physical qualities at Sambo, not for my accent.”, Some will qualify as exaggerated. He argues that it is “Maybe his big heart” This caught the eye of the production. Like Alexi. “Exactly! If you have a big heart you don’t have to be talented”, He was blunted by a burst of laughter. Like his character, David Harper never deviates from his good humor. It is enough if you want to find your superhero in your own movie or in your own series. Marvel, if you read us …

>> Black widow With Kate Shortland, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Buck, Rachel Weiss and David Harper – July 7 in theaters

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