Twitter suspended embassy accounts of Belarusian people

Twitter suspended embassy accounts of Belarusian people

The social networking site “Twitter” has suspended the accounts of the exiled opposition group, which calls itself the embassies of the Belarusian people.

The group was formed after last year’s presidential election in Belarus, in which longtime leader Alexander Lukashenko declared himself the winner. The opposition believes the election was rigged, in fact the opposition candidate, Svetlana Sihanska, won.

Extensive protests erupted in Belarus after the elections, which were brutally suppressed. Hundreds of people were imprisoned. Activists complain of torture during detention and inhumane treatment.

With the struggles, the Belarusian deportation movement also grew.

Deported groups who see Sihanouk as an election winner and a legitimate president of Belarus claim that their social media accounts act as embassies for the Belarusian people.

“Although the regime is illegal, we never claim to be official embassies,” said a panel of the People’s Embassy in Germany. “We represent the people, not the regime.”

The group sent reporters and activists a screen shot of the email they received from Twitter. The group account violates Twitter’s rules, especially those related to identity theft.

There is no evidence that Belarusian officials have reported to Twitter the three accounts of Belarusian S, e Belarus ENUK and e Belarus ENTE, which represent Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany. All three groups of accounts have been suspended. However, Belarus has begun to block deported activists.

The main attraction was the forced landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk to intercept the regime’s critic, Roman Protestantism.

“The Lukashenko regime is trying to silence anyone who dares to speak or fight the truth,” said one opposition group.

Twitter did not comment on this.

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