From “Babicha” to “The French Dispatch”, actress Lina Gaudry under one lucky star

From "Babicha" to "The French Dispatch", actress Lina Gaudry under one lucky star
Written by Ellis Carlin

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She spends hours preparing. Hours in front of his screen. Lina Coudrey is freaking out about Reena: A few days before the evening of Caesars 2020, it sanctified her best female hope பாபிச்சா, He divided a dozen parts of the previous ceremonies, by Maunia Maduro.

Before he started filming with Wes Anderson he was highly anticipated French shipment, The film, which was selected at this year’s competition at the Cannes Film Festival, has repeatedly reviewed the work of the 28-year-old American director. She looked back and forth at everything Bottle rocket (1996) since Isle of Docs (2018) by Tennonbham family (2001) or Grand Budapest Hotel (2013), not to mention his short films and press conferences.

Lina Gaudry in Paris on June 17, 2021.

After our meeting at a Parisian hotel on June 17, Lina Kaudri had to go to the “Cous Vous” set to protect Kagarin, By Fanny Liardard and Jeremy Drew. In this dream-like story about a city in Sean-Saint-Denis, he plays a young man in a close-knit Rome who dreams of turning his building into a spaceship.

Even during these few minutes live, she took the time to watch older versions of the France 5 show. It assures her that it helps her, he says. “Keep in control”, It is “Nothing escaped him” : “I’m very stressed when it comes to my figure. I want everything to go right.”

The appearance of others, she has been worried about it since she was young. She admires the simplicity and confidence of those who are not directly intimidated: “I was inspired by Theory Fromx [le délégué général du Festival de Cannes] When he presented the official selection during the press conference. It seemed so easy! “ Lina Kaudri is afraid of hesitation before answering, she is afraid of stumbling, she is afraid of her hands going everywhere when excited.

“My doubts always motivate me to try to do better. Anyway, what is this job if not a search for recognition?” Lina Kaud Tri

When her mother last saw her on TV, she thought she was opening her mouth too wide. Her daughter laughs: “How do I keep my mouth shut and talk?” “ After all, she thinks this lack of self-confidence is a motivation: “My doubts always motivate me to try to do better. Anyway, what is this job if not a search for recognition?”

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