Will the Trump system soon be charged with tax crimes?

Pour le moment, Donald Trump n'est pas directement inculpé.

The Trump organization and its chief financial officer, Alan Weiselberg, are expected to be charged with tax crimes on Thursday. The Wall Street Journal And CNN. These are the first allegations since an investigation was launched three years ago into possible wrongdoings by former US President Donald Trump’s company.

Daily The Wall Street Journal The company and Mr. for tax evasion on employee benefits. Weiselberg reports on the basis of those known at trial that he would be prosecuted. In recent months the investigation has sought to determine whether cars, homes and employees’ apartments are actually taxed. Lawyers tried to co-operate with the Trump organization’s chief financial officer, but to no avail.

Donald Trump has always denied financial misconduct at his company and considers the investigation to be politically motivated. As far as we know, the former president himself has not been prosecuted. However, the charges show that banks and business associates no longer want to work with his company, which will be fined if convicted.

Inquiry involves dealing with the value of an asset that makes it possible to reduce taxes and contract out more lucrative loans.

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