Two nudists have been fined for attacking a deer in Australia

Two nudists have been fined for attacking a deer in Australia

This Sunday, June 27, in Australia, two naked men, aged 30 and 49, were arrested by police. The reason? They are said to have been attacked by a deer while walking naked in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

At 6pm a tragedy call came to the local police, so they were forced to go with help and a helicopter. Once there, the surprise was so common that in fact the first man appeared to be naked with only one bag and the second “somewhat clothed”. They said they were trying to escape from a chased deer and got lost while in the sun on a nearby beach.

While the event may bring a smile, officials did not take it from this angle because the day before, on Saturday, June 26, the city of Sydney launched a new regulation to deal with the expansion of the delta variation. Area. Commissioner Mick Fuller was not in the mood to make fun of them and after calling them “idiots” they were each fined AU 1,000 (approximately 35 635). This “sunbath” trip is very expensive for them.

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