Madden 22: Make way for agility!

Madden 22: Make way for agility!

New additions for the next Madonna going in the right direction

Every week E.A. Sports gives us news about the new installment of its American football game Madden 22.

This week, the developers show us various changes regarding your future encounters on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, after exposing the owner mode innovations.

A new situation?

First, new changes have been made to the format around the competition. New player celebrations are also linked, as are reactions to players on the side of the pitch as the game progresses.

Audiences also get into realism by adding new animations and “super fans”.

Momentum gains importance

Whatever the game, speed is always important and E.A. The sports developer team called it the new Madden NFL.

Above the match score bar, you will see a second bar indicating the speed of the match. Each team will have its own advantages, especially home teams such as blocking issues for the counter attack line or the inability to change the path of some recipients if you take advantage. In addition, some home teams have benefits associated with their stadium, for example the Broncos. Teams going to play at Mile High Stadium will have less endurance than usual.

The statistics are multiplying

In Madden 21, the next general stats were already on the next gen consoles, but they also included stats that appear during the broadcast of matches after major actions before some players enter the game.

In addition, the next general figures will bring us different trends of players like quarterback. His throwing time, his decision making under pressure or his pass completion rate when he chases, these are the trends we can see in the middle of a game.

Always more activities

Finally, new animations will be added for each player. Whether in the middle of a welcome, tackle or race, players will be more and more loyal to their original content, especially to the recipients, by adding signature animations.

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