Luca Dansik beats Angola and unleashes a giant

Luka Doncic sous le maillot Slovène

After removalAgainst the Clippers in the playoffs, Luca Doncic was more motivated than ever on the national team! He destroyed Angola in the first match of the Olympic qualifiers, and after the match, he allowed an incredible giant towards himself… NBA referees!

Luca Doncic It would not have taken long to forget being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs against the Clippers … again in the Slovenian qualifiers for the Olympics, and then to the Olympics, if all goes well, the leader seems humbled to relax. Suffice it to look at some pictures of the demonstration against Angola (118-68) to understand it.

Stay there, the figures of the Mavericks miracle are crazy! In 17 minutes of playing, he amassed 13 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, but 5 steals, all for +26 of +26! After the meeting, he allowed a big troll to the NBA and the referees. He is definitely in a good mood!

After the Slovenia game Luca Doncic was asked not to use star whistles like the NBA. “There’s nothing wrong with me in the NBA, I don’t think so,” he said with a smile.

With his 7.3 shots to the NBA game, Luca Doncic gets a good number of whistles in his favor, but if we believe his words, he will like it more. After each controversial act he raises his voice against the referees, and this big troll never fails to annoy some evaluators of the game and makes many of his supporters laugh.

Luca Tansic deserves him in every way To payFor the Olympics, where he will be a big attraction with the United States. We hope he will give us many such crazy statements.

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