Biden did “technological devastation” to China, while Ren Zhengfei was pro-American in the opposite way. Why? | Blog post


“Is China a part of the world? Yes. So, our push for globalization includes localization. We cannot be shut down, we must open up. We must still insist on learning from the United States.”

The above paragraph comes from the recent “Symposium on the Symposium between President Renu and the Gold Medal Staff Representative in 2020” published by the Hawaiian Jincheng Community. After experiencing disgruntled President Trump, Biden came to power today.A series of five moves to control China, one move more ruthless than the other, transcends unbearable boundaries, which can be described as “technological destruction”.

Ren Zhengfai spearheaded the transformation of Hawaii's software applications and was not afraid of American chips.  (Profile picture)

Ren Zhengfei’s “pro-American” approach is confusing. (Profile picture)

Biden has five tricks against China. 1. Plan to pass US innovation and competition legislation and allocate $ 250 billion to fully control China’s technological competition; 2. The National Security Council of the United States issued a statement listing and targeting China as a key national security interest against corruption; 3. 59 Chinese companies were targeted. Individuals and companies in the United States should be blacklisted; 4. Call for a ban on China’s participation in global trade and technology regulation preparation; 5. America’s “Distribution Chain Trade Action Group” is preparing to provide more accurate answers in key technology areas such as public semiconductors and batteries. China is attacking.

Huawei is precisely the central target of “extinction”. How can Ren Zhengfei ask the United States for help? This is a question from one of the Hawaiian employees of the Business Group. He told Ren Zhengfei: “Due to US sanctions, our business is very difficult. In the future, Hawaii is ready to continue to learn from the United States under the conditions of globalization that we must be determined to move in the right direction.”

This comment was attended by people and even Netizens who saw the article later were confused. In fact, everyone may ignore Ren Zhengfei’s speech prototype. He first pointed out that “the United States is not the same as the United States where Sen Ping spoke and Ren Zhengfi spoke.”

Chen Ping is a researcher at the China Research Institute at Futan University. He studied physics in the United States in the 1980s. He then switched to economics and lived in the United States for a long time. In-depth observation and numerous research on China’s economy and finance has attracted more than 2.1 million “fans”. In the aftermath of Trump’s attack on China, Chen Bing has issued a number of comments exposing the lack of social and economic structure in the United States, reminding China not to pursue the US response blindly and to gain the vibrations of intelligent people. Not learning from the United States has become one of the main ideas of the Mainland. Should Ren Zheng fight this internet celebrity scholar? not that.

Ren Zhengfi pointed out that Sen Ping was talking about the political community in America. “Social issues are inexplicably complex for politicians. Science is real. There is only one answer. Science and education are relatively simple. In this regard, America is powerful. It is very strong. Do not think that America is not a teacher because it oppresses us. Don’t learn from America. Leads to depression. “

To use an analogy, when Sen Ping says that America is a rotten ship, Ren Zhengfei does not see the cruise of this rotten ship, but focuses on the three pound nails on the rotten ship. Yes, it is very durable — so we can still benefit from the United States.

Biden came to power to bring about a new atmosphere of solidarity for Western social interests.  (AP Image)

Biden Ren did not intimidate Zhengfi, America is a bad ship. (AP Image)

In 1997, Hawaii introduced IBM’s IPT model (integrated product development). It took 10 years and RMB spent $ 4 billion on consulting fees. In return, it trained a team of Hawaiian management elite and reformed Hawaii to the international level. Scientific and technical institutes.

In the end, a gold medalist asked: “The international environment has changed a lot now. Our relationship with foreign suppliers has become a major obstacle, and it is becoming more and more difficult. What suggestions do you have?”

Towards the end of the article, I quoted how Ren Zhengfi “raised” an employee as a reader: “First, we must cooperate well, work honestly with others. The work is naturally difficult, no difficulty. Why would you want to get paid so much?” This way , I hope everyone understands.

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