Trevor Story enters the round match in front of his fans

Trevor Story

Round competition is slowly starting to take shape. Despite the denials of many quality players, there are more who will confirm their presence at the event.

The announcement was first made by Shoaib Othani, followed by Pete Alonso. Although we can expect Trey Mancini to participate, MLP succeeds in attracting a local hero to Trevor Story. Shortcut confirmed that he will participate earlier today.

This is great news for home fans, as they get the chance to cheer someone up on their own by showing up at Coors Field. MLP has been able to attract a host team player every year since 2013 (except 2020, due to the lack of competition), and now continues with Streak Story.

The story with the Rockies days is numbered, and it’s a way to leave a last memory with his fans. It should be traded by the trading deadline, which does not give much time.

Also note that Story is experiencing some very tough campaigning this year. His head may already be somewhere other than Colorado, and a fresh start will do him a lot of good.

At the shortstop, there is a profile of a guy who could perform better in the round match. We know that he has more power and, in addition, he knows the place better. Not only is he a “local player”, he is also a serious competitor.

However, we hope it will not be compromised by then. However, it does not seem like a real possibility to see him step down before the All-Star break, but he will lose his status as a local player. This was one of the only reasons he was called up, during a difficult season for him.

Let’s see what Story will offer during the event, but make sure he is a player to watch. He did not expect the first half of the season, it’s true, but if he “clicks” during the match, he can deliver a performance.

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