Telling children about friendships with works of art

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Telling children about friendships with works of art

The Python Youth Editions Continue the publication of the author’s children’s art books Shana Kozansky, By publishing in the spring Friendship, A fun and colorful book that will give your kids a taste for art… and a book for friends.

Then Love, Happiness And Sleep, It’s time to remind the little ones of the importance of friends. Shana Kozansky, an American director with an interest in art and painting, presents this new little art book for children ages 2 to 4, which is a new drawing style that is brilliant.

The plan in this book is to look beautiful in the library, which is a list that will surprise your kids: Edward Munch, Takashi Murakami, Keith Herring, Amy Sherald or Elizabeth Cattle.

It’s like a dive into the history of art. Definitely rewarding and fantastic, it will definitely make you and your children happy! Innovation will be on both sides, it sure is.

My first art book: Friendship, Shana Kozansky, Biden, 48 pages, 16.95.

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Telling children about friendships with works of art

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