Netflix: Jerry Seanfield signs out on his first pop-darts movie!

Netflix: Jerry Seinfeld signe son tout premier film sur les Pop-Tarts !

New project for Jerry Seanfield! Comedian and screenwriter begin filming his first film on Netflix … Cakes

Jerry Seinfeld takes his audience back on foot! When the comedian and screenwriter is confusing his fans with his life … but with his first film, he is in danger of being hit hard! With Netflix, he wants to dealImpossible Subject: Bob Darts. MCETV explains everything about this pin thing!

Jerry Seinfeld, a movie about pop darts?

Because we didn’t expect it for the first film. When he had a sitcom in his name (not everyone), the comedian signed a contract to make his first film. So he had Carde Blanche… So Bob decided to talk about Dart. A subject very little known to the French. Or not.

“Pop Darts” Eaten only in the United States, Or almost. This is a very tasty pastry. But most surprisingly its cooking method is: you have to put them in the toaster. From there until we posted a picture on Netflix, we didn’t see that connection very well… but Jerry Seinfeld saw it, him.

Lovers of these pastries, He eats it all day. Especially during shows, he writes … and he airs on stage. So comedian Big Red N has also linked their interests to start the idea of ​​his first film. But what is he going to say about Bob Dart?

Just like he finds them, these pastries are still pastries. But Jerry Seinfeld has already proven he can Make them laugh about anything and everything. Even in pop darts, he talks about one of his paintings, Available on Netflix again. When curiosity becomes rage, you have to go to the end …

So the comedian proposed his plan on stage. She agreed. An image of small scales Crispy and its sweet filling: not too excited at the idea. But Jerry Seanfield speaks so well that he should be given a chance. His interest in pop darts really pushes him far!

Netflix: Jerry Seanfield signs out on his first pop-darts movie!
Netflix: Jerry Seanfield signs out on his first pop-darts movie!

Netflix: The kitchen that attracts attention?

The comedian actually does a lot to get to the toaster on this little dessert. But he promises him, “I, Baby Boomer, remember when I was eight … there, Bob Darts. Boom, it exploded all over the back of my head.” And after 59 years, he brings his interest to the screen.

Netflix has not yet released anything on what it will look like Frost. This pastry “No frost” Heads can be changed according to the topic. And Jerry Seanfield goes further.

In addition to being placed to Behind the camera for the first time, The comedian will actually take part in the film. He has not released the cast yet, but he has already announced one thing: he will not leave his place with his beloved pop-darts …

So fans of the American comedian are waiting to see what sauce they will eat. Or whatever sauce they go for Eat the famous pop dartபதில் Reply in a few months on Netflix!