Buckingham Palace says it “needs to do more” to enhance the diversity of its staff

Buckingham Palace a admis devoir «faire plus» pour favoriser la diversité de ses employés. Actellement, la proportion de ses employés issus de minorités ethniques n’est que de 8,5%, avec un objectif de 10% pour 2022. PHOTO ARCHIVES AFP

Buckingham Palace to enhance the diversity of its staff

Buckingham Palace has agreed to “do more” to improve the diversity of its staff. Currently, the proportion of its employees from ethnic minorities is only 8.5%, with a target of 10% by 2022. PHOTO ARCHIVES AFP – AFP

Buckingham Palace approves Thursday, June 24 ” Do more “Positively Diversity among staff employed by the British royal family, Releases statistics for the first time in this case heated by recent allegations of racism.

This publication came into question after the disastrous comments of the British royal family Prince Harry And his wife Megan Markle, Who Resigned from the monarchy And Immigrated to California.

Buckingham Palace has revealed in its annual financial statements for 2020-2021 The proportion of its employees from ethnic minorities is only 8.5%, 10% target for 2022. In the UK, about 13% of the population is a minority, according to the last census in 2011.

« Despite our best efforts, we are not where we want to be A source inside the palace told the PA news agency. ” We recognize that we need to do more This proof ” Milestone Figures The publication of these figures was previously reserved for internal use. In doing so, he explained, the palace expects We must be responsible for the progress we make. If we do not make progress, we must explain why. »

Allegations of racism were taken “very seriously.”

In Interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, And viewed by over 50 million people worldwide, Harry, one of the grandsons of Queen Elizabeth II, And his Medis wife Megan, an unnamed member of the royal family, said Concerned about skin color What will happen to their son Archie Before he was born.

Sovereignty as head of state in various countries through the Commonwealth, Reacted by confirmationVery seriously “The The racist allegations brought by Megan And Harry. But he was determined to treat them. ” personally “, Insists on this” Memories may vary These statements seemed to show that he did not take it at face value.

William, brother of Harry, He also protected the royal family, Responding to a reporter a few days after the interview aired: ” We are not a racist family. »

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