Breakfast: Tom Brady, cheek tongue expert

Breakfast: Tom Brady, cheek tongue expert

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[Top 50] # 8: Jalan Ramsay Island in Los Angeles

George Kitt wants to put the tight end position at the forefront

Organized by Travis Gells (Chiefs), George Kittil (49ers) And retired Greg Olson, who held his first annual NFL tight “conference” week in Nashville. Target for the current fifty players? Learn from each other and share their experience with the rest of the group.

“I firmly believe it’s best for you to come around with the right people,” Kittle said, according to ESPN’s Tarron Davenport. “We share our strategy with the guys. Our mentality, the way we approach the game. It’s all a tight end level going up. I’m glad we have a great team.”

Kitt also explained why he thinks playing the tight end is so much fun.

“I think TE is a very unique and different position. It’s a fun position because it’s only on the pitch where a footballer can do anything. You block runs, you defend your quarterback, you outline catch the ball.”

The San Francisco player fully expresses this diversity and wants to pass it on to other tight ends of the league.

Is Tom Brady hiding things from us?

Tom Brady Not as soft as his new forehead. Its origin Shop: Unrestricted d HBO pointed to a transparent and direct side. Unless he hides his game well. During the show, forty-one, admitted that he rarely expressed what he thought.

“What I say and what I think are two completely different things,” Brady said. “90% of what I say is not what I think it is. What a challenge, you know? I really appreciate people who can do it and say what they think. I think a part of me doesn’t want conflict, so in the end, I always try to play it thin.” .

Obviously, one reason for this approach stems from the realities of competition.

“From a strategic point of view, I never want to reveal what we’re doing. In general, I’m going to say the opposite. If you have a bad corner, I’m going to say, ‘This guy is surprised. I do not even know how to end a pass in his direction. I like it in my head. , ‘I’m going to deal with that bastard all day.

The mayor is angry about Trevor Lawrence

Although he has not yet been named, Trevor Lawrence (QB) It is expected to debut sooner or later in 2021. His coach Urban Meyer said USA Today He said he had already started reading the playbook before his quarterback draft and that the team might “be faster” than expected. The mayor, however, was not ready to officially announce his will in the first week.

“He’s not ready yet, but he doesn’t have to be,” the mayor said. “We have a long training camp. He progressed a little faster than he thought, which is positive. When we decided that Trevor was going to be our first choice, we moved from the evaluation stage to the production stage. I do not remember the exact date, but we were long before the draft. We’re starting to set up a playbook with him, so you can see the understanding, he has a good work ethic, he’s progressed well. “

Considered the potential No. 1 since his early university days, the first choice of draft – and therefore the possibility of getting Lawrence – was an asset in promising head coach Jacksonville. So Gardner Minsho or C.J. It would be amazing if Beethoven started in the 1st week.

Brian Burns was delighted with the arrival of Hassan Redick

On paper, Carolina’s defensive line is the team’s strongest unit heading into the new season. Inside, they combine the upcoming star (Derrick Brown) and a quality player (Taco Jones). Outside, purposeful ones Brian Burns And the former cardinals outside linebacker Hesson Reddy, for just $ 6 million, may be the latest free agency plot.

Burns, however, seems to be very excited to team up with Reddick Focus on pro football During the training of his team.

“Hasan Reddick is going to strengthen me because there will be a little competition now to see who gets the job done quickly. Also, he will divert attention … [la ligne offensive] His poison must be chosen. “

J.J. Watt discovered his duplication

Almost almost. As the new cardinal said on his Twitter account, this is not correct:

“Can I copy your homework?” “

“Yeah, change it a little so we don’t think you copied it.”

The player in question, Matt Bates, was a defensive lineman who went through West Liberty between 2008 and 2013, which briefly coincided with Watt’s college career (2007-2010).

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