Symbol – Abroad – A fire burns beneath the rubble of a collapsed 12-story house

Symbol - Abroad - A fire burns beneath the rubble of a collapsed 12-story house

At dawn on Friday, a twelve-story condominium collapsed on Miami’s Surface. The News So far four of them have died and 159 are missing. Rescue efforts were hampered by a fire under the rubble, which flooded the area with thick smoke. The Wall Street Journal. At a news conference Saturday morning, officials said it was difficult to control the fire, but it was difficult to localize as it was destroying depths under the rubble. Trench digging rescue teams use heavy machinery to isolate the fire. The goal is to reduce the spread of smoke so that rescue operations can continue.

A CNN He writes about itRelatives of several prominent South American politicians have also gone missing under the rubble. Among them is Silvana Lopez Morera, Paraguay’s first lady, with two cousins ​​and three children. Authorities are also looking for the first cousin of the father of former Chilean President Michael Bachelet. Apart from these, many Colombian, Venezuelan, Uruguayan and Argentine citizens are trapped under the collapsed building and it is not known if they are still alive.

It has been revealed that a standard expert had already warned operators in 2018 about cracking lumps and crumbling concrete, New York Times. Three years ago, an expert found “significant structural damage” to the southern building complex of Sampline Towers, as well as “extensive” cracks in the supporting columns and walls of the underground garage.

Although some damage is not dangerous, damage to the bulk of the concrete structure must be repaired urgently.

– Frank Morabido is consistent in his opinion.

He did not directly state that the building was in danger of collapsing, although he noted that repairs were needed to “maintain structural integrity” of the building.

The biggest cost for the renovation is already planned by the operators, but delayed by more than three years TragedyLed to.

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