The final team USA list for the Olympics has been revealed, James Horton nodded!

NBA James Harden snobé par Team USA

After several weeks of making the list for the upcoming Olympics, the team USA has reached the final decision. If there is anything to scare all the workers, it is not without surprises. At first, James Horton was simply sidelined!

Following this glorious 2020-21 season, building a team for the Olympics in Japan will not be easy for Greg Popovich. In fact, a lot of superstars ended up on their knees or injured, following a much-tried campaign. Such as monsters LeBron James And Stephen Curry So retreated, wants to recharge the batteries in the off-season.

However, the Spurs tactic did not prevent them from finding players who were willing enough to make a (very) high quality list. Looking at Shams Sarania’s information, we are not far from an all-time team. Journalist of Athletes Team America reveals complete selection on Twitter!

First important information, James Horton So it won’t be part of the journey. A real surprise, the back of the Nets had announced that they wanted to take part in the games. Nonetheless, the fact that he ended the season paralyzed with injuries played into coach Bob’s mind without a doubt. So, in order to get the wings out a little bit, it’s Jeremy Grant in his place.

However, the final panel was no less brutal. To Kevin Torrent, Along with Damien Lillard or even Devin Booker, which is sure to be a real offensive extravaganza at every meeting. With experts like Pam Adebayo, it’s not bad for security either. Tremond Green Or juror vacation. Did you say scared?

To give you an idea of ​​the enchantment this group represents, you can imagine a big five of Pivot, Tot and Holiday Wings with KD, as well as a pair of Lillard and D-Book or Bradley Peel on the back court. . The spacing of such an array is terrifying, and it is one of many possible combinations. What dreams should be given to the opposing coaches …

France, who face team USA at the group stage in Tokyo, should pay special attention. This is really a scary team going to the Olympics. Needless to say, North Americans are clearly favorites on this list.

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