London will finally control Netflix, Amazon and Disney

London will finally control Netflix, Amazon and Disney

Across the channel, Boris Johnson’s government is developing a new law aimed at regulating the activities of the streaming agent. First to the country.

As in other places in France, sites must comply with the laws and regulations established by the host country. In our Green Zones, the media timeline specifically prohibits SVOD services from providing movies that are released in theaters within 3 years of being aired on the big screen. But if Netflix and its sisters are subject to certain rules, sites will not be placed on the same boat everywhere in Europe. For the first time in Great Britain, sites like Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or Apple TV + will be at the center of the new bill announced by the Ministers of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports.

The Boris Johnson administration is developing new rules for monitoring the performance of American soldiers. According to VarietyObviously, this involves looking at the age rating of some content to make sure it is relevant to the target audience. They will also be subject to honesty and accuracy standards for documentaries and news projects.

Give everyone the same status

Because programs are accessible and paid for at any time, sites benefit from trusting arguments to compete with more traditional streaming methods. However, the British government wanted to ensure that the fight between the two companies was fair. A minister should explain to me “Public Service Broadcasters Level the Playground to Compete with Their International Competitors”. However, he did not specify what measures are currently under consideration. With about 30 million subscribers in the United Kingdom, the dominance of Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video is clear.

In France, this is slightly different from what happens when you read the media timeline for relaxation. CNC clearly aims to ensure that rapid changes in the field of culture and the growing role of sites are taken into account. From 7th Art and Theater.

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