Here is the official list of the most beautiful roofs in Europe, from London to Ibiza (both are in France!)

Here is the official list of the most beautiful roofs in Europe, from London to Ibiza (both are in France!)

Another way to escape …

It’s summer, the temperature is rising, the days are getting longer, what better place than this Roof Enjoy a beautiful evening? Closer to the sky, we will escape (a little) from the heat and the crowd … and we will be an easy one Cocktail, Nipple in some tapas, why not chat and dance with friends. But a roof is an opportunity to get to the terrace height and see the incredible view of the city around us. The hard part is figuring out where to finally root …

In the same case

Two of the most beautiful French addresses Roofs de Europe

We have already provided you with some good Parisian addresses Here And Was. But it’s not just in Paris, the roofs are trendy and we have the right to travel through Europe, let’s see more! Big 7 Travel has released its rankings 50 Most Beautiful Roof Terraces Of the old continent. There are plenty of good addresses in London like No. 1 (site British, it explains), Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece or Portugal … and France, then?

We thought we were doing better, but only two places were selected: Mama’s Shelter is in the best place Bordeaux, 6th place on this peak, a little further away, 22nd place, in Perseur, Paris, Menilmonton Many are scattered Within capital!).


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