Great uncertainty about the future of Gillian Hayes

Première rencontre difficile pour Killian Hayes NBA

The editor of an interesting rookie season, but Gillian Hayes, who has been plagued by injuries, should see a lot of competition through the draft this summer. Is it a sign of the coming French, or can it grow? We take part.

If Pistons fans were generally excited following the lottery and regained their rights for the first time since the 1970s, the triangular fan base would retain mixed feelings. In fact, the Detroit Cat Cunningham nail picks up almost automatically the evening of July 29th. For many, this may be the final blow to Gillian Haze:

It is clear that the former Bon player is interested. If his claim has not yet been reported about him, it is clear that Cunningham’s possible choice is undermining the Frenchman’s development plans. Unlike Killian, the Oklahoma State-trained guard already seems to be NBA ready so he can recover his many minutes quickly.

However, there is another case. Pistons and coach Twain Casey may decide to combine the two youngsters together because they present a certain complementarity. Not yet established in terms of scores, however Hayes is already very confident in half of his domain. Even if he takes a lot of responsibility from future draft No. 1, he will be able to express themselves freely in the attack.

The delivery skills of the former Soladis will help keep Cunningham in a good position to shoot. The latter was shot at 40% distance in the NCAA, a quality that could be completely exploited for Detroit. So the off-season will be very important for the 7th selection of 2020 Vintage, which will have to prove that its top choice a year later is more reasonable.

For now, no real conclusions can be drawn from these. So, we have to wait for the pistons to take a stand on this matter. Nevertheless, this summer will already be very important for our national gillian.

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