The Warriors’ dream scene tonight

La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, pointe du doigt ses coéquipiers depuis le banc aux côtés de Draymond Green et Stephen Curry

With the 14th worst record in the league in a regular season, the Warriors showed little interest in pursuing the lottery on Tuesday. A big twist of fate could turn their early summer into a real fairy tale.

The pain that followed the removal during the play-off already seems to have dissipated in the Gulf. Warriors fans who had little hope in this 2020-21 season following the injury of Clay Thompson seem to have turned their attention to next year. It will enjoy its first restoration with the draft lottery this Tuesday.

8th in Western Conference, recording 39 wins out of 33 defeats; Stephen Curry And his teammates, except for a surprise, should get the 14th pick. It gives them a 97.6% chance of landing in this position on the team. But that is not the only choice they have on July 29th.

In fact, within the framework for the transfer of D’Angelo Russell to Minnesota, franchise directors have acquired some rights in the 2021 Timber Wolves selection. If the first 3 places are not received within a few hours, the latter have to hand it over to Golden State. This situation has a 72.4% chance of coming out accurately according to the calculations of the specialized site Only Tanga. »label = also Read More»]Steve Kerr Steff was thrilled about Curry’s important decision


In other words, Dups has 3 out of 4 chances to reclaim this selection, so it will be between 4th and 10th place. But if there’s a twist to the events that cause owners ’executives to salivate, it’s about getting a 4th choice. This is exemplified by the reported quality of the first 5 of the Future Vintage of Rookies.

In fact, it is clear that Kate Cunningham, Jalan Sucks, Evan Mobley, Jalan Green and Jonathan Cummins are leaving the competition as stars in the production. So, Bob Myers and his assistants have a 9.7% chance of hitting the jackpot, and came out on Tuesday evening as big winners at the ceremony.

Almost guaranteed to finish with the 14th choice of the next draft, the Warriors dream of finding the 4th choice of all hope in their webs. All that remains is to believe that fate will favor them more than in recent months.

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