Reunion between separated families on the border between Mexico and the United States from 2020 –

Reunion between separated families on the border between Mexico and the United States from 2020 -

Thanks to the Hux Knot Walls event, about 200 families were able to meet for three minutes without seeing each other after a long time on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Nearly 200 families were reunited thanks to “non-embracing walls”

The “Non-Extinguishing Walls” event was canceled last year Govit-19, Was able to reunite more than 200 families on the border between United States And this Mexico, The newspaper reports Parisian. These Mexican families are separated between the two countries for visa or residence permit reasons. Every year, they can use this fight to see and embrace each other.

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Evidence of families

“It’s three minutes, but it’s going to be the happiest three minutes of our lives, for everyone here and on that side, because we’ve going to meet again, we need to kiss each other and feel like family,” he said. Notify family members Immigrants. “A video call, a photo, it’s never the same, there’s no way to feel this grip”, According to the participants in this event.

More than 178,600 immigrants were arrested in April

For 15 years, a large number of undocumented immigrants were arrested at the border Mexico And this United States Recorded last April, more than 178,600 Immigrants. Among these immigrants were minors who did not come alone with adults, and 82% of them were from Mexico and the “Northern Triangle” of Central America.

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