“Destroy 130,000 articles a week”: A former employee charges Amazon

"Destroy 130,000 articles a week": A former employee charges Amazon

Is Amazon destroying millions of unsold items every year? Cameras from the British channel ITV News explore the warehouse of the American e-commerce company in Dunfermline, Scotland County Fife. An investigation, which was discovered by the daily site Free On Monday, June 21, the U.S. company recommended that millions of unsold items be destroyed each year. Connected TVs, drones, hair dryers, laptops … a lot of items with the words “must be destroyed” are sorted and stored in boxes.

The channel was also recorded Testimony of a former Scottish warehouse worker. The person said that Amazon’s “goal” was to “destroy 130,000 items a week.” He said he had been quiet for a long time just before he could be quiet anymore. According to him, big brand vacuum cleaners and fans, as well as computers and tablets made by Apple are constantly being destroyed. “Overall, 50% of the products are not open, they are still in the original packaging. The other half is revenue and in good condition,” he told ITV. Before adding: “Employees do not even respond to what is being asked”.

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According to the leaked internal document, the channel also revealed that more than 124,000 items were destroyed in a single week last April. At the same time, only 28,000 articles were marked “give” in a single week. La Libre says Amazon, which faced the allegations, refused to ship the goods in perfect condition over the terrain. A spokesman for the company, which was created by Jeff Bezos, said in a statement to the Belgian daily that if the British channel’s cameras could track trucks from Amazon’s Scottish base to the waste collection center, no article would simply be destroyed. The landscape in question, the Lochhead landscape is actually part of the Dunfermline Recycling Center.

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Amazon insists its goal is to “eliminate zero products”

At ITV, the e-commerce company emphasized its “zero product elimination goal”. “Our priority is resale, donating to charities or recycling any products that are not sold,” the company said. “No goods have been shipped to land in the UK. We are shipping goods as a last resort for energy recovery, but we are working hard to reduce how many times this happens to zero,” he added. In total, Amazon has 24 warehouses like Dunfermline in the UK.

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