Germany | Apple targeted by hopeless investigation

Germany |  Apple targeted by hopeless investigation

(Berlin) German gentry of the United States announced Monday that it will open an investigation into “anti-competitive practices” against Apple, under a new law that will strengthen the anti-digital action forces.

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Amazon and Google, the German anti-cartel office said in a statement that “actions have been taken” against tech company Apple.

“The office has received a number of complaints against anti-competitive practices,” the panel said.

“The investigation will focus on the operation of the App Store, which in many cases allows Apple to influence third-party operations,” said Andreas Mund, head of the office.

The German hopeless gender is seizing the extended powers it had from a new competitive law adopted by Germany earlier this year.

Officials need to determine if the company is gaining “primary importance in the markets”.

This qualification is derived from certain obligations such as “barring self-reference” or establishing “barriers to entry” on its sites.

The law mainly targets digital giants, accused of exploiting a virtual monopoly, thanks to sites that enforce their own rules.

So the only app download site available on devices sold by Apple is the App Store. The anti-Cartel office said the situation gave him “a position of power that would be difficult for other companies to attack”.

Apple, which contacted AFP, said it was “impatient to discuss (its) approach with the anti-Federal Cartel office and had an open conversation about its concerns.”

The US team is specifically in Germany, where it recently announced an investment of one billion euros in an electronics chip design division in Munich.

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