“Colorado residents, stay away,” U.S. employers warn

"Colorado residents, stay away," U.S. employers warn

A law now requires companies in that state to publish a salary or pay range for each position.

If you live in Denver or elsewhere in the state of Colorado, finding a job can be difficult, especially in telecommunications. In January, local lawmakers interested in reducing pay inequality between men and women and increasing transparency in the area announced a law requiring all companies recruiting in the state to publish the salary or pay range of each station, including remote work.

It says the move will turn into a crackdown on workers in the state, which has a population of 5.5 million The Wall Street Journal. To avoid disclosing this information, some employers do not hesitate to mention offers for delivering positions: “Colorado residents, please leave. “ Hiring notices for accountants and COOs at the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson includes this warning: “The workplace is flexible, but this work cannot be done far from Colorado. The advertisement for the Project Managing Director at CPRE, a commercial real estate company, is as follows: “This work can be done remotely anywhere in the United States except the state of Colorado. A professional association took legal action, but a federal judge ruled in May that there was no reason to oppose the law. Amazon bowed to it. For the position of remote computer scientist, the online sales company in Colorado represents the average salary of its employees in this activity, or $ 116,400 to $ 160,000.

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