Is Megan Markle in London to pay tribute to Diana?

Is Megan Markle in London to pay tribute to Diana?

On July 1, Diana will be honored in London by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. But will Megan Markle be a part of the journey?

Fast approaching moving moment. July 1, 2021, Diana Spencer Should have celebrated his 60th birthday. It was a symbolic birthday that his two sons chose to celebrate by paying homage to him. In the gardens of Kensington Palace, a statue in honor of the Princess of Wales will be unveiled. After months of negotiations, Prince William and Prince Harry agreed to provide the statue. But will Megan Markle and her children board the plane to witness this beautiful moment?

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First, this is what the newspaper announced. ” Glass . Megan Markle The royal family is said to be ready to take over after several tense months. The new mother of a little girl, the ceremony would also have been an opportunity for Lilliput Diana to visit and present to her paternal family. The information was eventually contradicted by several media outlets. ” Entertainment tonight Quotes a source as saying: “Megan has just given birth to a baby boy. Prince Harry So you have to face it alone. A situation he did not really appreciate during Prince Philip’s funeral.

Let the English rest be assured: Kate Middleton’s three children, George, Charlotte and Lewis, are to attend the event at Kensington Palace.

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