Renew Automatic Renewal of WeTV VIP Member Fees “Month / Month 3 Months / Month 1 Year

Renew Automatic Renewal of WeTV VIP Member Fees "Month / Month 3 Months / Month 1 Year

Video It is a video streaming site that allows users to view a variety of quality content. There is no cost through the app or website for free from all over Asia Users can subscribe to WeTV VIP

Special offers are required for each package In the form of membership fees Video VIP Automatically renewable “Monthly / Monthly 3 Month / Month 1 Year “

This will be deducted automatically in the billing cycle specified in each package. And can be canceled at any time (If the cancellation is not announced, a service charge will be levied according to the conditions specified for each package.)

WeTV VIP Application Process

  1. Registration

You can choose from 6 types of registration methods.

  • phone number
  • Facebook
  • LINE
  • Google Account
  • WeChat account
  • Apple ID

The phone number will be as follows steps if you choose how to use it.

1.1 Enter the phone number without putting “0” in front, for example (+66) 890123456.

1.2 Then press “Send Verification Code” and wait for the confirmation code via SMS.

1.3 Enter the 4 digit verification code. Then press “Sign In”

1.4 Once set up “Set your own password”.

1.5 Accept the terms in the small box and press “Confirm”

2. Choose the VIP package you want.

The procedure for selecting a VIP subscription package is as follows:

2.1 Open the “WeTV” application and select “Account” (bottom right corner).

2.2 Select “VIP Member” (Orange Bar) to enter the WeTV VIP Center page.

2.3 Select the “VIP Package” you want.

3. Payment process

Payment can be made through the App Store and Google Play, both of which are available in several payment formats. You can check the details as follows.

  • Google Play

4. The VIP subscription will be considered complete once the payment process is complete.

You can check your VIP status in “Manage Member System”.

Special offers for VTV VIP members

Fast track feature

Fast track It is a feature that allows users to purchase content to watch in advance through the episode without waiting. VIP members get the chance to watch Fast Track at a rate of 9 baht per episode for iOS and 10 baht per Android system.

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