Brittany Ferris: What would a “flying boat” look like?

Brittany Ferries: à quoi va ressembler le "bateau volant"?

Brittany Ferris and US start-up Regent will cooperate halfway between the new 100% electric transport system Seaglider, Hydrofile and Aircraft between France and the United Kingdom, which is – we learned Wednesday from the shipping company.

“Brittany Ferris has signed a joint venture agreement between England and France to participate in the development and development of 50 to 150 passenger seagulls by 2028,” Bretton said in a statement.

“Seaglider principle combines maneuverability of boats with hovercraft’s wind performance and aircraft speed”, ” Communication.

Equipped with wings and propellers, these devices can reach speeds of up to 290 km / h. Thus, the intersection between Cherbourg and Portsmouth in the south of England could be done in just 40 minutes. Seagliders move a few meters above the surface of the water to use the ground effect, which enhances the aerodynamic concept known to pilots as compressing an air under the wings.

“The Seaglider rises in its membranes, descending on its air mattress as it flies at low altitudes in the open sea, allowing convenient navigation above the waves,” the shipping company said, noting that the required power was supplied by recharging the electric batteries at the quayside.

Climate change is a “priority” for Brittany Ferry

The company promises that “energy conversion is a priority for Brittany Ferris”, which recently invested in two new vessels powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas), with deliveries scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

Start-up Regent, located in Boston (northeast of the United States), works on several models of Seagliders, but all operate on the same principle.

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Brittany Ferris operates 12 ships between France, England, Spain and Ireland via 14 ships. The health crisis has hit hard, but with Brexit, it carried about 750,000 passengers in 2020 against 2.5 million in 2019. Its revenue fell 57% to 202.4 million euros in 2020. Based on Roskoff (Finister), it employs 2,474 people and 1,600 Marines.

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