Brazil unravels, Colombia loses


The Colombian difficulties persist as the team continues to crush everything on its way to the second day night menu and the Brazilian machine on the menu.


Copa America: Follow the event against Lucorn!

If we don’t see fighting between neighbors in the north, we think Colombia It was unfortunate. Twenty-three shots, eight on target (six more than a winEcuador), Keeping the ball mostly in his favor (65%): on paper, The Colombia Should have won. It is obvious, it should not be denied. But a Wilker Farris, who is beyond normal XXL performance, has returned to normal. Colombia It has shown its limitations especially against a team that has lost most of its players and cannot simply train to prepare for its matches. Limitations can be summed up in one word: irregularity. In contrast to the indigestible performance of the opening game, The Colombia In the first half de Ruda showed good things dangerously, especially thanks to the trio of Twin, Muriel and Cardona, the latter played the role of creator Coffee farmers Much needed. Faced with a group that came only to show his heart in the face of not being able to offer anything, it was necessary to know how stress, intensity and above all vary. The Colombia Not sure how to do it. When we saw the intensity weaken at the end of the first act we realized that something was missing Venezuela Began to breathe. Unfortunately for Ruda’s men, the second act is only a slow decay. If Faris continued to shine in the Venezuelan cages, pushing all dangers back and hating Zapada and Murial, Muriel and especially Cardona’s exit, to say the least, would have ended up burying Colombian hope. Because, if Zaminton Compass is introduced, if Louis Theos can create danger on his side, The Colombia Losing all ideas and relying on personal advances, he begins to shrink into the red zone. Eventually, he lost a match that turned out to be more of a wrestling match than football, losing to Luis Diaz at the end of the game. However, nothing is serious Colombia Who, with four points, will quietly move towards the quarters. But the question remains whether this team can fight against a real competitor, so there seems to be a lack of imagination.

Imagination, The Brazil No less with its 10. But above all Choice There are many South American choices not to make: Definitions. Facing PeruTight may have drastically changed his team, on the ground, the machine is still imperial. Of course the mob in Karachi showed some interesting things, managed to control the ball for a while, especially his middle trio, and the ability to play between the lines, but it was not enough to face such an aggression. Ederson never trembled against Labatula, Guerrero and the rest of Cuba, and when Fabinho ruled in midfield, the danger was constant when Brazil decided to accelerate. Alex Sandro opened the scoring at the end of the first quarter of an hour Brazil Thus leaving the ball White-red Very difficult to access. After all, it is Brazil-He controls the rhythm of his matches, determines when he can breathe and when to accelerate. No other choice in South America is capable of this. Therefore Brazil Like a machine that never stops crushing everything, it picks and chooses its moments. Neymar is obviously his brightest star, able to catch a penalty that was logically denied to the VAR by a new impetus that puts his people in shelter (seven goals and five assists in the last seven games). Parisian), The inputs of Everton Ribeiro, Richardson and Roberto Firmino – a little sorry – could explode Peru He already had his head under the water. After passing 3-0 Venezuela, The Brazil Stopping four in the 2019 final and running quietly into the quarters of a match, we have a hard time seeing him win.



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