Health Measures: Life will be (very) easier for vaccinated NFL players

Health Measures: Life will be (very) easier for vaccinated NFL players

Have you been vaccinated? Not vaccinated? This is an important detail for athletes who want to get on the team this summer.

NFL Players Association and league officials have confirmed health camps that will manage training camps and advance games. A note released by Tom Belicero (NFL Network) this Wednesday provides the content.

At the very least, being unconfirmed is not good.

Daily screening, mandatory mask wearing, social distance, isolation, travel restrictions, prohibition on going to bars, nightclubs or concerts. Like many measures faced by those who are not vaccinated, those who are vaccinated are exempt.

Another advantage is that a vaccinated player with a positive case interaction will not be considered a contact case and will not need to be isolated for five days.

If Mike Zimmer (HC, Vikings) had any advice for his players, it would be obvious that he was vaccinated because he was reminded of the pioneer edition.

Unannounced players are going to face a lot more problems this season. They have to wear a mask and walk away from us. They are tested daily. They cannot return home during the rest week. They have to come back to the training center and be tested every day. When we are on the go, they cannot go to the restaurant with others. They have to use buses other than team buses to fly on other planes. They do a lot of video conferencing meetings. This is not only the health aspect of the benefits of getting vaccinated, but also making it much easier to be a member of a football team.

Violation also carries a $ 50,000 fine for players and staff.

For managers, non-vaccinated training and team members will no longer be entitled to Level 1 and 2 accreditations, meaning they will no longer have direct access to the player. Only those with medical or religious jurisprudence can make an exception.

Once vaccinated, journalists can interview the players again. For non-vaccinated media, there is no press box, field or changing rooms.

Vaccinated supporters can attend training camps even if the players do not have access.

So the mask is well endangered around the fields, the only regret is never to see it again Andy Reid and his foggy vision.

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