Comedy in Crimea: The president of the region visits a flooded area on a boat, while ministry staff swim behind him Video – International

Comedy in Crimea: The president of the region visits a flooded area on a boat, while ministry staff swim behind him Video - International

Crimean President Sergei Akshenov said rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations swam behind his boat, while officials went to visit a hospital in Kerch, which was hit by flooding caused by rain.

“Emercom staff come with all the boats, they are in neoprene cases,” Crimean President Sergei Akshenov was quoted as saying. Crimea24.

In a video released by Crimea 24, Chief Sergei Akshenov shows a boat sailing through the flooded city of Kerch, while three people can be seen swimming from behind, he writes Moscow Times.

Some onlookers said on social media that the men looked like Axeno’s bodyguards, while others joked that the dolphins had returned to Kerch.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations told the RBC website that they were the only public who felt the need to swim.

“These are the public who made a strange decision in this difficult situation,” the ministry’s press service said. “They wear these suits and can’t think of anything better than following Axeno’s boat.”

The ministry said the swimmers did not need any help from the governor or others on board and returned to shore “happy and satisfied.”

But Aksenov identified the swimmers as employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who went with the governor during his flood inspection.

“I would like to thank the staff of the Ministry of Emergencies, without exception, I will no doubt come with everyone,” Akshenov told reporters after his tour.

Crimean President Sergei Akshenov told reporters that Crimean authorities had declared a state of emergency following heavy rains in the east of the peninsula. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation issued a flood warning. “It was decided to create a commission to intervene urgently. A state of emergency has already been declared,” Akshenov told the DOS news agency. Radar.

Akshenov promised that all funds from the Reserve Fund would be fully allocated to the victims. A local emergency was set up in Kerch, where more than 200 homes were flooded due to heavy rains. Heavy rains lashed the peninsula from Wednesday night to Thursday, causing flooding and significant damage.

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