How Venezuela violates US oil sanctions

How Venezuela violates US oil sanctions
On August 29, 2014 in Caracas, a worker walks past a wall painted with the state-owned Petroleum de Venezuela SA (PTVSA) logo.

In May 2019, Jose Adolfo Murad and Joaquin Leal, two Mexican entrepreneurs, moved to Caracas. On the occasion of their visit: Discussion with Venezuelan officials. But neither of the two experts in the energy sector has made the journey to address the power cuts that the country regularly experiences. In fact, they participate in a series of meetings before forming a vast network. Step, an algorithm A review of the Spanish daily Country And the independent Venezuelan media Armando. Information, Allowed Venezuela to “violate” US restrictions on its oil exports.

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The existence of this network was revealed by these two media In July 2020. But a new investigation released on Sunday, June 13, provides more details on how the Venezuelan government has interacted with Mexican businesses in order to set up a mechanism for exchanging escape-escape items. United States. In Another release, Released on Monday, June 14, both media outlets claim that the plan was created with the approval of the government of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador, who was elected in 2018.

30 million barrels

The authors of the survey found the birth of this organization in the spring of 2019, during which time Venezuela is facing a severe political and economic crisis. The country has failed to meet its basic food and medical needs despite being in office since 2013, when rival Juan Guido sought to provoke a social movement capable of ousting Savista President Nicolas Maduro.

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On April 28, 2019, US President Donald Trump’s ban on Venezuelan oil exports comes into effect: the state – owned Petroleum de Venezuela SA (PTVSA) no longer has the right to export U.S. oil to the United States. Do not do business with a company. It was then that the Venezuelan government began negotiations with Mexican businessmen.

In June 2019, an agreement was reached between them and Nicola Maduro’s relatives. There are many gray areas in this deal, especially with regard to its finances, which are 200 200 million. According to Venezuelan sources who were contacted by both media outlets at the beginning of the revelation, these ambiguities are necessary to avoid barriers to intermediaries: “Maybe they are [les Etats-Unis] Allowed us to play Fair play, Things will be different ”, They say.

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