How I burn you in the atmosphere

Come ti brucio nell’atmosfera

Develop satellites that reduce the risk to the Earth in the event of uncontrolled re-entry. This is the goal of the German company Konsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA), with the support of ESA, DLR and HyperShole Technology Quoting GMPH (HDG). , Has begun testing the deployment method of their solar panels. Production to demonstrate product compatibility. Their products.

The Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM) is an essential function of keeping the solar panels of a satellite facing the sun during mission operations. However, it is one of the most complex materials on a satellite, and in the event of uncontrolled reuse it may partially escape friction with the atmosphere.

German company He then carried out tests in the plasma tunnel To demonstrate how a satellite with their system can confirm the risk of ground accidents less than 10,000 probability.

They began by modeling such re-entry using ESA’s space atmospheric reindeer and aero thermal break-up (SCARAB) software, and by modifying the SADM by setting the aluminum screws as a low melting point to encourage failure at higher altitudes.

Then their software model was compared with the observed reality, incorporating a real SADM model into the DLR LK3 Plasma tunnel in Cologne, recreating the real reuse conditions.

The tested system falls within the parameters of ESA’s Trauma (Garbage Risk Assessment and Reduction Analysis).

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