Between Biden and Putin, the peak of relaxation? – Release

Between Biden and Putin, the peak of relaxation?  - Release


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At the end of the first face-to-face meeting in Geneva on Wednesday, the US and Russian presidents welcomed the production talks. Still very timid, concrete progress is yet to be confirmed.

Diplomatic wisdom is needed, and what is said – in any tone – between the walls of Villa la Grn, the majestic building on the shores of Lake Geneva, borrowed from Switzerland for the first summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Guy Burmelin, President of the Swiss Confederation, welcomed the two leaders under the scorching sun at noon. “Successful” In “Interests of your two countries and the world”.

Was he there? After three hours of discussion, first in a small group (presidents and their diplomatic leaders) and then in a framework extended to advisers, both contestants borrowed from the same discourse to describe the atmosphere in any given situation: “Positive” To Pitan, Creative To Putin. One everywhere, the ball in the center. Separate press conferences at the end of the summit confirmed the small progress and depth …

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