The young wolves of Blue Jaze howl in unison

The young wolves of Blue Jaze howl in unison

For the first time since joining the big club, the young stars of Bo Pichet’s Blue Jazz trio, Cavan Piccio and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. all hit the long ball in the same game.

The first and of course not the last if one believes in the strong potential of the three players.

The only negative point in the table was the three home runs scored against Canadian Nick Pivetta (6-2). The Red Sox pitcher gave Marcus Semian his 14th shot of the season in the fifth inning. Native British Columbia is a difficult journey.

Jayce took advantage of that game in Boston to score a total of five four-goal shots, including wide receiver Reese Megueware adding the ninth inning against relief Brandon Workman.

The 7-2 win over the Red Sox was taken to Steven Mats, the seventh game of the season, with three losses. Mats has been a good surprise since the start of the 2021 campaign because many thought he didn’t have much on hand.

Anthony Castro, Tim Meiza, Rafael Dolis and Jordan Romano all came out in support of Starter Mats’ work in their 32nd win of the season.

Despite this win against a division rival, Jayce did not come close to the rays as he defeated Baltimore Orioles 5-4. However, despite both teams sharing the same .516 yield, they overtook the Yankees to move into third place.

If the perfect partnership that took place yesterday between the three Amigos is repeated, if Piccio, Picchett and Guerrero Jr. had won the batting at the same time, the Blue Zeus would have expelled the big winners and interesting winning lines could have been followed.

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