NFL: Russell Wilson did not ask for trade, but …

NFL: Russell Wilson did not ask for trade, but ...

Seattle Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson believes he did not hear an official trade Thursday and that conversations with coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider have strengthened his ties with the team.

Wilson spoke for the first time since February, when a series of comments led to speculation about his future in Seattle.

Wilson has said on several occasions that victory over any dissatisfaction is the ultimate solution and that all loopholes with entitlement have now been fixed.

After Wilson saw Tom Brady win another Super Bowl title in February, it became clear that it had led to a storm.

“When I sit in the Super Bowl and watch Super Bowl, I have to be (angry), don’t I? Wilson had said. In the end, you don’t want to just sit there and watch the game. You want to be there and play it, especially when you’ve been in it twice. “

Seattle won its only Super Bowl title eight years ago and it is seven years since the Seahawks last won the national title.

Wilson has already questioned Seahawk’s attempts to round him up well. He noted that he was tired of being constantly attacked.

Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN his client did not request a trade, but listed all four teams – Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago and New Orleans – the situation came to a head. For this he will be willing to dismiss his non-exchange section.

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