In 2021, 27 people approved the contract with London for catches


Twenty-seven Friday approved the agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom for the capture of their jointly managed fish stocks by their fishing vessels for 2021. , As well as for some deep-sea stocks for 2021 and 2022, which clarify access limits for non-allocated species.

Statistics by species are not immediately available. This agreement will allow both parties to trade in quotas. It was finalized on June 2 in a phone call between EU Commissioner for Fisheries Virginius Cingavius ​​and UK Environment Secretary George Eustis, but have not yet been approved by EU countries. “This is an important step (…) that brings clarity and stability to fishermen, while ensuring the sustainability of marine resources», Ricardo Cerio Santos, Portuguese Minister of the Sea, country holding the rotating presidency of the European Union.

He called for the agreement to be scrapped after five months of tense negotiations, following a meeting of European fisheries ministers on Wednesday.Set a good precedent for future negotiations with LondonRegarding Fishing Fishing Rights. Fishing was the hardest part of the post-Brexit trade deal negotiations that ended at the end of December between the EU and the United Kingdom. EU fishermen catch $ 650 million in UK waters each year.

Fixed allocations

The compromise reached is a source of tension: European navies will have to drop 25% of their catches in the British Ocean by the end of an interim period running until June 2026. But the exact 2021 c allocations for shared shares are not defined. Despite fierce negotiations, no agreement was reached by March 31, which marked the end of the provisional provision adopted in mid-December. The European Union has set a unilateral provision until the end of July to ensure that its fishermen do not become paralyzed.

This 2021 catch agreement does not address other tensions in the post-Brexit agreement – especially the obligation of European fishermen to obtain a fishing license from London to the English Sea. In order to obtain their license, French ships must prove that they had already gone fishing during the 2012-2016 reference period, which is complicated for very small boats, which do not necessarily have registration methods and terrain.

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