– Find warm clothes and umbrellas – VG

- Find warm clothes and umbrellas - VG

Atom Sky: Rain and cold are coming to large parts of the country now. Photo: Kisl Otstadt

Now rain and cold are coming to large parts of the country. In Dana, the temperature drops by almost 15 degrees.

– Temperatures in the entire northern region will be 10 degrees or less. Lots of rain.

The meteorologist on duty at the Norwegian Meteorological Agency, Eagle Haga, says: “Haga’s call is clear:

– Find warm clothes and an umbrella!

– Not summer weather

It has been hot in East Finmark recently, but it has changed in West Finmark and Trams.

In Dana, it measured 26.7 degrees on Saturday, with 25 degrees recorded in several places in the district.

– Eastern Finmark says the whole country is beating in temperature.

But the temperature has been dropping since Sunday. In Dana, temperatures could drop by as much as 15 degrees from Saturday to Sunday.

In such a short period of time the temperature was so low that it was unusual. The changes are caused by changes in the air masses.

– Warm air mass from the south of Finland and around the Baltic to eastern Finmark. At the same time, it is the low pressure action in the Norwegian Sea that transfers the hot air, Haga explains.

In western Norway, it will be gray weather and cold temperatures. In Bergen, the degree scale is displayed up to 12 degrees.

– It will not be summer weather. June rains due to low pressure activity. Haga says it will be cooler and wetter than normal.

No more wildfires in western Norway.

Eastern Norway is the best

Summer: In eastern Norway, the weather will be nice and sunny until Wednesday, with about 20 farms. Photo: Jill Youngland

In eastern Norway, it will rain a little on Monday. But until Wednesday it will be good weather, sun and about 20 yards.

In terms of weather, eastern Norway is getting better. They can keep up with summer temperatures, says Haga.

It may rain this weekend due to low pressure, but not much rain. The wildfire will be maintained in the next few days.

In Sorland, besides Monday, there will be summer temperatures as well. The eastern part of Actor County can get 20 degrees and longer sun.

The sun may be shining on the trends, but it will rain on Mondays and Thursdays and be about 15 degrees.

– There will be no summer temperatures, but there will be less rain than in western Norway, says Haga.

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