These mysterious UFOs that fascinate America

These mysterious UFOs that fascinate America

A report on aerial events observed by U.S. Navy pilots in recent years is due in the U.S. Congress later this month. However, according to New York Times, The dangers of maintaining the mystery of its content …

Nicola Proup

Nicola Proup

“No evidence”

According to New York Times, A report due to the U.S. Senate later this month found no evidence that the extraterrestrial spacecraft had 120 or more aerial events observed in recent years by naval pilots. However, many of the unusual observations described in the report remain unexplained, citing intelligence sources. “One possible explanation – events may be weather balloons or other research balloons – is that in all cases water does not catch up due to changes in wind speed during certain reactions,” the daily writes.

More data

Photo by France-Press Agency

This capture of a U.S. military video shows an unidentified object moving very fast, recorded by fighter pilots on April 26, 2020. This phenomenon is unexplained.

Hakeem Oloussi, an associate professor of physics and astronomy at George Mason University, notes that the shortage of evidence in the New York Daily Report is not great, citing the demand for access to information from U.S. senators who began the report. “We are not trying to find small extraterrestrial beings, we are trying to get our hands on additional data that will allow research to continue to explain events,” he said in a phone interview. Olusi notes that he did not actually take government statements, believing in conspiracy theories and the notion that the government was a secret force. “The government has often said it does not release all the technologies it tests and uses.”

“We don’t know what they are.”

Photo by Brian Anderson, Associated Press

Barack Obama

When former President Barack Obama was asked about the issue on the show’s set last month, he gave something to grind people interested in unexplained appearances. Late Late Show with James Gordon In CBS. “What’s true, I’m very serious here, there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky, we do not know what they are,” Obama said. Some video footage, shot by naval pilots, shows fast-moving objects that can change direction quickly.

Deal with the stigma

Photo re-entry

US Air Force F-35

Sharing data from the U.S. federal government will allow scientists to make further progress in their research, Mr. Olusi mentions. “It helps to overcome the stigma in this matter and enhance our knowledge of the world around us. For example, for a long time, pilots have said that they have seen strange glowing phenomena above the clouds. Similar to lightning bolts. ”

Lay train »Starling

Photo by Hoffman, Archives Associated Press

This long exposure photo shows the Starling “train” in the sky over Kansas, USA on May 6th.

Recently, citizens have noticed a strange light across the starry sky. The creation was even visible in the Montreal sky last month. This has nothing to do with the events observed by the Navy. It is actually a series of dozens of small satellites placed in orbit by the Starling company owned by billionaire Elon Musk, and aims to provide high-speed Internet security around the world. Because satellites are 60 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites, they are more visible at night. The event, known as the “Starling Train”, has led to numerous complaints over the years. Starling notes that the new satellites it sends into space are now subject to technological changes made “to reduce the brightness of the satellites.” Eventually, more than 1,600 of these satellites will orbit the world, providing fast internet access to remote areas.

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