Simon Piles faster than the NFL player in rope climbing

Simon Piles faster than the NFL player in rope climbing

The Olympics start within a month, and the name of gymnast Simon Piles is already on everyone’s lips. American has energy Capture everything in Tokyo, After a breathtaking performance in Rio in 2016. He seems to be in excellent shape and there is no denying it. A few weeks ago, he finished the tab like never before.

By 2019, Simon Piles had already become the first to reach the ground three times. He was then 22 years old.

He is currently in full preparation for the U.S. qualifiers, which begin June 24. As part of the documentary a film crew followed her on her journey Simon Vs Herself.

The trailer for the documentary produced by Facebook has now been released. In the end, you get a little overview of how fit this 4-foot-8 young lady is. She challenges her boyfriend Jonathan Owens, who is safe for the Houston Texans in the NFL. Challenge: Quickly climb a rope suspended from the ceiling.

We agree, she faced a bad match. Professional footballers are athletes, forces of nature.

Simon Piles won the race even easier.

In the end, Owens pointed out that he had no tolerance, which allowed his girlfriend to win. He was up to three-quarters ahead before the energy ran out.

Broots, these gymnasts.

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