President of Peru | Fujimori again condemns the fraud

President of Peru |  Fujimori again condemns the fraud

(Lima) Popular right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, who was defeated in Sunday’s presidential election in Peru, reiterated his allegations of fraud on Saturday and rallied his supporters as authorities continue to examine the tens of thousands of ballots he contested.

He told foreign press that there were “frauds” in the counting of votes and “serious facts at this final stage” that the chances of winning the ballot against his leftist rival, Pedro Castillo, were dwindling.

“I will approve the results, but we will have to wait until the end of the count,” he saidMe Fujimori denounced the abuse and, according to him, “supported” his opponent, a 51-year-old teacher and trade unionist.

Photo by Zion Moscow, France-Press Agency

Pedro Castillo and was the winner of the presidential candidate

Meanwhile, he has mobilized thousands of his supporters in central Lima, some of whom have come to the headquarters of the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE), which is responsible for controlling the ballot, where hundreds of Mr. Costello’s supporters gathered Wednesday at the first.

The AFP correspondent noted that dozens of police officers had set up security cordons to prevent any clashes between the two groups.

An opponent at the “Fujimorist” camp wearing the jersey of the national football team promised to “defend its votes throughout Peru.”

For his part, Point Pedro Castillo called on his supporters to show “patience” and “peace” before a victory.

Only about 51,000 votes divided by the two candidates, the final figures, Mr. For the benefit of Castillo. But stillMe Fujimori disputed this advance and demanded on Wednesday that about 200,000 ballots from 802 polling stations be declared invalid.

“Evidence for fraud”

He denounced Monday as “abusive”, “signs of fraud” and “clear intent to sabotage the will of the people”.

“Here, there is still tolviyurravaro verriyalaro” said Saturday that the MS.Me Fujimori condemned the intervention of the “international left” in the election in Peru. The President of Argentina and Bolivia was received by several Latin American leaders, including Alberto Fernandez and Luis Ars. He mentions the congratulatory messages sent to Castillo.

MMe Fujimori, 46, denounced JNE’s role, specifically declaring that about 200,000 ballots were invalid.

However, the Organization of American States (OAS) announced on Friday that its election monitoring mission did not mention the “serious irregularities” described as “positive” in the presidential election in Peru.

“This work did not detect any serious irregularities”, which “refers to the initial report of the work welcoming the positive electoral process, in which significant improvements were recorded between the first and second rounds”.

The final decision can only be announced at the end of the control process of the controversial thousands of ballots, which could take several more days.

Meanwhile, nearly a week after the second round of tension has been rising in the Andean country. Actors on both sides of the “cool” to be appealed to the interim president, Francisco cakasti Friday.

Indigenous people in the procession

France-Press Agency Archive Photo

Interim President Francisco Chagasti

Mr. who will complete his term on July 28th. Sakasthi said the country is known for its institutional instability and is waiting to know its fifth president in three years, which is going through a period of “polarized, complex and difficult”.

Representatives of the indigenous communities were thus warned on Friday that, if necessary, Mr. They will march on Lima to defend their votes in favor of Castillo.Me Pujimori to cancel the results of 802 polling stations in rural areas.

A failure, the leader of the Fursa popular party formed by her father, former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), loses the president’s immunity when new threats of imprisonment are imposed on her.

In early March, as part of otepirekt corruption investigation against him and sentenced to thirty years were required, many Latin American leaders agreed bribing Brazilian construction firm named.

On Thursday, attorney in charge of the case, Jose Domingo Perez, demanded that the conditional freedom enjoyed by the candidate since May 2020 be “revoked”, accusing him of not respecting the “restrictions on contact with witnesses” in the case.

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