A win-win defeat for the Yankees

A win-win defeat for the Yankees

There is no doubt that the sky in the Bronx is gray. It is also dark gray. Aaron Boone must find a solution before it turns black. Yesterday’s fight against the Pillies was a step in the right direction. Despite the loss of another heartbeat later in the game, it is good to remember.

The afternoon in New York ended after another bad start by the very disappointing Jameson Dylan. In the first set, he sank his team into a four-point lead before seeing his manager kick him out of the game after an out.

An important awareness

With a 7-2 lead, the Billys had an easy win, but the Yankees offense came from behind. Gary Sanchez got his second RBI game early in the eighth inning with a solid single on the right. He also hit a solo homer in the second inning. In its last seven games, Cragan has maintained a batting average of 321 with six RBIs.

With a score of 7-4 in ninth place, DJ. Lemahiu equalized with Homer for three runs. This is a relief for the reigning champion hitter. Unfortunately, Aroldis Chapman could not sustain a good comeback, while he conceded a point in the tenth.

As for Aaron the Cat, there are still a lot of positives to remember.

“It simply came to our notice then. The attack has definitely arisen, and we see the batting looks better and better. We are very lucky today to do it in a more dangerous way. “

Aaron Boone

The meeting also marked the return of Jack Britain to the game after a perfect round. He will have a primary role in that blockade, especially if Chapman’s harassment continues.

It is often said that such a failure will leave its mark. As for the Yankees, it could be positive.

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